Lupe Fiasco At Marquette

For all of you who didn’t get to see Lupe at Marquette (or didn’t hear he was coming, or had class, or work, or go to a different school, or in the instance of one friend who will not be named had NEVER HEARD of Lupe), here’s a little snippet of what you missed. I um… borrowed this video from Xavier Ruffin’s blog, but please go visit immediately after checking it out. I have the video of this on my phone, but Xavier’s is in HD, and much closer, considering the whole crowd got up after someone asked him to freestyle. I figured you would like this one better. Lupe treated the crowd to the intro for “Food & Liquor 2” which is coming out… sometime after “Lasers”, due out March 8th.

Xavier is gonna have a full recap of the event up sometime later, so check out in the near future to see all of Lupe’s discussion with the students at Marquette.

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