Four Loko: Causing All Sorts Of Bad (But Hilarious) Decisions

So, there’s this drink called Four Loko. I don’t drink, so I can’t really describe it, I guess. People are considering banning it, though, because of the amount of debauchery it causes. Here’s the explanation:

However, for those of you wanting to know what really goes down, there is a website for that: See more stories like the following, bros.

“chad: one time i was double fisting fourlokos while listening to my favorite band in the world, phish. i was smoking mad bongs of legit chron sour d when all of a sudden this chick was sucking my dick. i put the bong down (i was holding the 2 fourlokos in one hand while i smoke, i know, hardcore)…before i knew it i threw up on her while she was doming my piece. she didn’t stop because she was also double fisting fourlokos. this was all going so well until i realized that my roommates puggle was licking my balls, i was naked and passed out on the kitchen floor of my apartment….phish was playing though.”


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