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SNAPPED: #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney

Here’s the deal, guys. My wisdom teeth were removed yesterday, so I’ve been sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. In the last day and a half or so my crowning achievements are putting together a wedding DVD for a friend’s sister, and starting to watch Mad Men. That being said, I went to Twitter to find another edition

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SNAPPED: Awful Supergroup Names

At the moment, this is the top trending topic on Twitter. Since I can’t retweet all of these, take a look at a few of my favorite awesomely bad supergroup names that people came up with: @MrsStephenFry (Mrs Stephen Fry): Earth, Wind and Arcade Fire @Jonh_Ingham (Jonh Ingham): 30 Seconds To Bruno Mars @SamGoldfield (Sam Goldfield): 45 Cents (50 Cent

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SNAPPED – The Black Eyed Peas’ Super Bowl Halftime Show

Welcome to the first edition of SNAPPED, a look at some of the funniest insults on a particular topic that I could find. Personally, I felt that the Black Eyed Peas / Usher / Slash (natural fit) had a terrible performance during the Super Bowl. While that business was happening on TV, I was much happier to look at Twitter.

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