SNAPPED: Awful Supergroup Names

At the moment, this is the top trending topic on Twitter. Since I can’t retweet all of these, take a look at a few of my favorite awesomely bad supergroup names that people came up with:

@MrsStephenFry (Mrs Stephen Fry): Earth, Wind and Arcade Fire

@Jonh_Ingham (Jonh Ingham): 30 Seconds To Bruno Mars

@SamGoldfield (Sam Goldfield): 45 Cents (50 Cent + Nickleback)

@andrewtirtha (Andrew Tirtha): We the Kings of Leon

@veryrood (Valerie Rood): Patti LaBell Biv Davoe

@3RiversTesticle (Harry Balls): Reel Big Phish

@brianheldman (Brian Heldman): The Beach Boys II Men

@cclarkson24 (Colin Clarkson): Faith No Paramore

@Jamaloholic (Jamal Washington): The Notorious B.O.B.

@Goodcleanliving (John Rickmon): Mos Def Leppard

@ADk93 (Antonio D. Kallojeri): Waka Flocka of Seagulls

@SuziDusk (Suzi Anderson): Elton John Cougar Mellancamp

@Jon_S_Nelson (Jonnny): The Fall of Boy (Fall Out Boy and The Fall of Troy)

@HeyItsKamo (Mike Kamrowski): Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Money

@Mayzshon (James Conder): Mötley 2 Live Crüe

And my suggestion…

@AllenHalas (Allen Halas): Rage Against Florence and the Machine.

At the moment, #awfulsupergroups is still a trending topic. Take a look at the stream by clicking here.

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