SNAPPED: #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney

Here’s the deal, guys. My wisdom teeth were removed yesterday, so I’ve been sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. In the last day and a half or so my crowning achievements are putting together a wedding DVD for a friend’s sister, and starting to watch Mad Men. That being said, I went to Twitter to find another edition of SNAPPED for you guys. The current trend is #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney. Let’s see some of the funnier people that could be on Lil Wayne’s label.

@ClutchsWorld (Clutch)
Dora The Explorer #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney the mixtape “Swiper No Swiping” coming soon with the hit single “Backpacks Back” featuring Boots.

@Dominique_Stock (Dominique Stockley)
Perry from Phineas and Ferb #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney

@ImSoSouthside (Darius Scurry)
Charlie Sheen #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney new single “All I Do Is Win”

@GOODPhillin (Philip Broadway)

Geoferry The Giraffe #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney

@instylish (Ish.TV)
Rick Ross #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney with his new hit single “Marvin’s Kitchen” from his New Mixtape “Sorry for the Weight”

@BadoomSuperBass (Joy Dennis)

Casey Anthony #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney with her single “I Be Killin Em”

@collegeking (Doug jenkins)
#rebeccablack #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney she got a new song called sunday

@aayyRiley (Riley Scribner)

Yung Humma and Flynt Flossy from turquoise jeep #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney for their hit song, “Fried or Fertilized”

@OochieMilonakis (Malcolm Poston)
50 Tyson #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney

@Qui_Taylormade1 (quianna taylor)
Precious #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney w/ her new single i want my 30 piece back

@LinnieBakshRJAP (Linnie Baksh)
Antwon Dodson #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney

@HeyGabster (Gee Gei Gea)
Helen Keller #isnowsignedtoyoungmoney

@ashleyWGMdotcom (ashley cardona)
william hung #isnowsignedtoyoungmoney (Never forget the legend!)

@PipeHerDown_ (your daddy ;p)
Barney #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney with the hit ” i love you ” on itunes .

@playful_paradox (ChubbyCheekStephh[:)

Maury #isnowsignedtoyoungmoney with “You Are the Father” ft Ludacris

That’s only 15… this has been going on for a while. Check out the #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney trend by clicking here.

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