SNAPPED – The Black Eyed Peas’ Super Bowl Halftime Show

Welcome to the first edition of SNAPPED, a look at some of the funniest insults on a particular topic that I could find. Personally, I felt that the Black Eyed Peas / Usher / Slash (natural fit) had a terrible performance during the Super Bowl. While that business was happening on TV, I was much happier to look at Twitter. Check out some of the best halftime show tweets on my timeline, courtesy of Chuck Inglish, The Sklar Brothers, The Cranberry Show, Seth MacFarlane, John Axford, XV, Pinto and the Bean, and myself.

@Chuckisdope (Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids)
That n**** got Tupperware fade (referring to Will.I.Am)

@SklarBrothers (The Sklar Brothers)
But wait, if Fergie’s so 2008, wouldn’t that make HER 2000 and late?

@cranberryshow (The Cranberry Show)
The Cranberry Show #performsbetter than The Black eyed peas…lol..they look tired (True statement)

@AllenHalas (Me)
On behalf of the younger generation at this #superbowl party, I miss The Who. (What, I can’t like my own tweet?)

@SklarBrothers (The Sklar Brothers)
Somewhere Axl Rose and Brett Favre are watching this Superbowl and thinking about some of the choices they made. #Superbowl

@Chuckisdope (Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids)
This shit looks like a laser tag

@SklarBrothers (The Sklar Brothers)
Are we sure that’s not just an Usher from the stadium section 125?

@SethMacFarlane (Seth MacFarlane)
This Super Bowl halftime event looks like the talent show from Revenge of the Nerds.

@pintoandthebean (Pinto and the Bean)
LOL RT @rgiraldi: God – never in my life have I wanted @kanyewest to interrupt a performance more. #superbowl #blackeyedpeas

@cranberryshow (The Cranberry Show)
Black Eyed Peas wearin all this futuristic shit & doin songs from 2003??

@Chuckisdope (Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids) called the black power ranger like… Let me wear that jacket.

@JohnAxford59 (Brewers’ closer John Axford)
I think that applause was a looped track from earlier in the game! No way people enjoyed that half time show!

@cranberryshow (The Cranberry Show) had on plastic hair,hands,feet,clothes,glasses….he’s the male Niki Minaj

@XtotheV (XV)
N****z just mad cuz’ Will.I.Am could’ve got hit with a headshot and still survive. #umad

@pintoandthebean (Pinto and the Bean)
They really should have chosen Yanni for the half time show

@cranberryshow (The Cranberry Show)
#fact Fergie used to voice a Charlie Brown character..maybethat y wen she sings all I hear is woMP..Womp..Wump.WOMp

Yeah… The Black Eyed Peas have officially been SNAPPED on.

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