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AUDIO: Scam Likely – “Watch Your Step”

Alternative pop band Scam Likely dropped their sophomore single today. “Watch Your Step” packs a punch with a driving bass riff, a howling guitar solo, shoutable hooks and provocative lyrics that undoubtedly will stir the pot. The song is playful but also takes shit from no one. Stay tuned for more to come from Scam Likely soon! Also go buy

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Kleaner, Scam Likely, Delicious Monsters

Promises is a new bar and live music venue in Walker’s Point located where what was previously Walker’s Point Music Hall. They hosted a spectacular night of live music on Monday featuring local acts Kleaner, Scam Likely and Delicious Monsters as well as Buffalo, New York’s industrial hardcore punk band Science Man. Kleaner is the conceptual artistry project of Gnat

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AUDIO: Scam Likely – “Jesus Christ Stop Yelling I’m Right Here”

Scam Likely are a new indie rock band to keep an eye on, as they’ve played a slew of shows breaking into the scene. Their debut single is out, and it’s got a jangle pop feel to it tinged with pop punk sensibility. The song seems to confront not putting up with someone’s shit anymore, so, yeah – stop yelling.

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