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AUDIO: Rat Bath – “Rat From Hell”

Country-core band Rat Bath released their long-awaited debut album today. While what we’ve heard from Rat Bath over the years has certainly encompassed catharsis and retribution, the band has culminated the healing of past traumas through creative expression into a thematic display of a witch battling a demon. The lyrics make no compromises in their metaphoric depictions of body horror,

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AUDIO: Rat Bath – “Ragdoll”

Spooky country core band Rat Bath dropped a single for New Year’s. Cathartic and spirited, “Ragdoll” encompasses an aggressive personification, seeking retribution after being treated like someone’s toy. The song gallops to the hook of “have you come to sew me shut?” while crashing with another hook “how dare you!” with visceral might. Rat Bath have a full-length record coming

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AUDIO: Rat Bath – “Meat Poppet / Sweet Puppet”

Country-core band Rat Bath have a two-song EP out today. “Meat Poppet” is an aggressive jam that warns you to keep your distance, while “Sweet Puppet” slows things down and succumbs to the hungry lust of another; the latter features singer-songwriter Johanna Rose as well. It’s cathartic and affecting, giving the perspective of someone intensely processing their autonomy. Rat Bath

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AUDIO: Rat Bath – “Spit//Swallow”

Cover artwork for Rat Bath - "Spit//Swallow"

Country-core cuties Rat Bath have a new single out from their upcoming album. It’s got a heavy math rock edge to it, knocking everything out of its way. Fred Kenyon’s vocals kick things off tense, singing about the vile taste of ancient blood, building momentum into the shrieking hook. It’s an exciting blast of spooky hardcore; stay tuned for “Rat

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AUDIO: Dead Ol’ Fred – “Songs About Spooky Shit”‘

Singer-songwriter Deal Ol’ Fred, known for fronting country-core band Rat Bath, released their debut solo EP today. It’s four songs and indeed takes on a bewitched theme; Kenyon sings of loving a ghostly presence, personifying a demon that burns at sunrise, getting sewn shut after being thrown around like a doll, and how fucked up it is to settle for

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