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AUDIO: Leechmonger – “Deathwish”

Deathcore band Leechmonger are out with a new record this week. The band brings some of the harshest and most animalistic shrieks we’ve heard all year, coupled with fierce and doomful beatdowns. Lyrics punch into living as a tortured soul, holding in rage, crawling towards death, and giving a huge “fuck you” to lying killer cops. It’s a scornful record

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AUDIO: Leechmonger – “Scissor Drip”

Metalcore band Leechmonger have a new EP of two songs, both featuring different guest vocals. The title track features Tyler Cooper, who brings a devastating blend of growls and shrieks; his lyrics tackle struggling with the will to live while envisioning scissors penetrating his skin to feel the pain he thinks he deserves. “Entropy” features Alex Pearce and Andrew Kim;

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