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AUDIO: Moonglow – “Eureka!”

Funky soul-pop band Moonglow’s new single is sublimely smooth. Featuring a saxophone solo from Tyler Kraft and mountainous vocals from frontman Joe Humiston, the song feels like a dance party at dawn, with consistent excitement and tasty flavor with every layer. We can’t wait for the Moonglow debut EP or album someday hopefully soon. They’re certainly a new band to

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AUDIO: Thomas Atlas – “Halfway To The Moon”

New Music Friday is always best served with a bit of funk, and this week we have the splendid release ‘Halfway To The Moon’ by Thomas Atlas. On his way to the top, Thomas compels with his signature feel-good grooves smashing down the industry gates. It kicks off with a jolly blue guitar riff which many will compare it to

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AUDIO: Wurk – “Ignition”

Funk-prog rockers Wurk have a new song out this week. Written during the 2020 election, it’s about how American politicians lie to and deceive the people. Many of us have become apathetic towards the bipartisan capitalist system in the last year, but Wurk is here to turn those sentiments into a funky uptempo jam. With a wicked saxophone solo in

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AUDIO: Thomas Atlas – “Got This Feeling”

Thomas Atlas

Stunning with an instant funky charm, ‘Got This Feeling’ by Thomas Atlas is as potent as upbeat tracks come, it is awe-inspiring! Born in Birmingham in the mid-90s, Thomas grew up listening to some of the worlds finest blues and funk tracks and his early listening experience has taken a toll on his musical style. He brings a nostalgic feel

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AUDIO: Underground Hive – “Everything Will Be Alright”

Funk rockers Underground Hive’s latest single is here to remind you that we’re going to get through this. Whatever it is you’re going through, we’re here for each other and it’ll be okay. The song erupts into a gritty rock chorus followed by a vibrant synth solo. They’re here to help you forget about whatever it is you’re worrying about

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AUDIO: Moonglow – “Brick Wall”

Moonglow, formerly known as Commodore Calipso, is out with their second single today. The band brings a unique fusion of funk, soul, neo-psychedelia, and rock while heavily inspired by Japanese city-pop. Featuring horns, shattering bass and twinkling guitars, vocalist Joe Humiston brings an infectious performance where he sings of being in a hopeless trance. Moonglow’s exciting fusion is sure to

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