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AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku Featuring Mistaloo Meff – “Sandman’s Sanity”

Sometimes, it seems like Taiyamo Denku is on a one-man crusade to keep boom bap alive. On his new track, however, Denku brings Mistaloo Meff along for the ride, and both put their skills on full display on “Sandman’s Sanity”. Produced by Australian producer and CyphaDen collaborator DCypha, the track puts an emphasis on lyricism, with both artists putting in

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AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku Featuring Grand Surgeon – “Listen Up”

Milwaukee’s one man lyrical machine, Taiyamo Denku, is back with a new single, this time featuring New York veteran Grand Surgeon. “Listen Up” is one of the first releases on Denku’s CyphaDen Music, and features now frequent collaborator DCypha on production. “Listen Up” is an exhibition in the art of being an emcee, as are most tracks that Denku drops.

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