AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku Featuring L Majestic – “Prove Your Worth”

The long list of Taiyamo Denku collaborations continues with a strong new track. “Prove Your Worth” features New York City emcee L Majestic, and some hard hitting production courtesy of Australian producer DCypha. The song features both emcees going back and forth with complimenting styles, and definitely gives you the feeling of being in the middle of a cypher between both artists. The track is a one-off, but we’ve already heard Denku’s album, “No Industry Standard”, is set to release later this year. The strategy is smart with the number of collaborations that Denku does; not only does he get his style out to a different artist’s fanbase, he’s also bringing an eclectic mix of hip hop to his sound, as well. Check out “Prove Your Worth” below:

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