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AUDIO: Valerie Lighthart – “Savior”

Mystical songstress and pop artist Valerie Lighthart has a new song out today. Produced by Crystal Knives, the tune is cinematic and atmospheric. Her lyrics explore the idea of being lifted up as something that you aren’t but deciding to try on that new identity. It’s got a pump-up attitude and an exciting, personable tempo that will find itself welcome

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AUDIO: Zed Kenzo – “Racist”

Hip hop artist Zed Kenzo is out with a new single today – their first in over a year. Produced by Crystal Knives, the song brings that confrontational attitude Kenzo is known for. They rap about problematic white people not being able to stand a chance against them. The cover art emphasizes that they’re really not messing around. We’re so

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AUDIO: Crystal Knives & Marcus McCoan – “Strangers”

The latest tune from EDM artist Crystal Knives features vocals from Marcus McCoan and is out on Lowly Palace. It’s about two people that have been in love but keep acting like they don’t know each other. It’s got an energetic tempo that paces well with the tension between the two, ideal to work out to. Crystal Knives is a

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