AUDIO: Marika Hackman – “Slime”

Marika Hackman has recently released her new single “Slime,” marking the third single from her upcoming album “Big Sigh.” Known for her fresh and inspired take on guitar pop, Hackman’s impeccable songwriting and intimate vocals make Marika stand out as an artist. Describing the album as a new world and a journey of personal growth, Hackman explained that it took longer to create compared to her previous releases. “Slime” explores the complexities of relationships and the destructive forces that can come into play. With haunting melodies and passionate lyrics, the song delves into the desire for connection while simultaneously holding back. Despite the almost body horror soundscape, there is a stunning clarity in Hackman’s vocals, emphasizing the simple desire for intimacy. Big Sigh is set to be released on January 12th via Chrysalis Records. Check out the single below:

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