AUDIO: The LOL – “The Afterparty”

Dance pop act The LOL (formerly known as Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies of Leisure) released their new album on Halloween. With twelve tracks, this album takes Sulfate’s signature blend of new wave, disco and hip hop into directions that are dark, glitchy and experimental. Sulfate tackles themes such as social media burnout (“So Much Fun”), making the most out of life (“Freefall”), public image (“Probably Sisters”, “Ego”), vulnerability (“Girls Cry All The Time”) and rejecting what someone projects onto you (“Faith”). The LOL’s “The Afterparty” carries plenty of infectious pop delight driven by unapologetic self-ownership; it’s like a box of assorted candies where each is a uniquely sour-then-sweet burst. Don’t miss their album release party featuring Black Challenger and Before Dawn at Landmark Lanes this Saturday!

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