Falcon Bowl hosted a spooky Friday the 13th show put on by author and event organizer Tea Krulos this weekend. Vendors and artists tabled while bands Lavish Waste, Spidora and Delicious Monsters took to the stage for an exciting evening.

Lavish Waste is the duo of Emily Evans (vocals, keyboards) and Steven Look (vocals, guitar, Vocoder, programmed electronics). Their style marries elements of post-punk and electronica. The project began in early 2022 out of basement jams. “We’ve had a number of creative projects and have DJed a lot before so there’s been a lot kind of leading up to it,” Look explains.

Continuing about the project’s name, Look shares, “We saw a billboard that was for a spa but it was kind of difficult to read, but after a while we figured out that it said “lavish waists.” After driving past this billboard day after day we started playing with that name. There were many hilarious incantations of what it was going to be but then we landed on what it is now.”

The duo is heavily inspired by 80’s and 90’s nostalgia in terms of their sound and aesthetic. “We tend to patchwork parts of things we’ve heard,” Look said about he and Evans’ songwriting. “Once in a while we’ll do a cover and that’ll be our recontextualization of it. Sometimes we’ll think of something that makes us laugh and then we’ll turn it into a song, like inside jokes and things like that.”

“Juice Demon” is Lavish Waste’s debut EP, released in August 2022. “The concept came from a generic Beetlejuice Halloween costume, so it became like our shoddy version of Beetlejuice,” Look describes it.

“We’re not the ghost with the most – we’re the beast of the least,” Evans laughs.

Their most recent release is a cover of Debbie Deb’s “Lookout Weekend” – but titled “Lavish Weekend” – available on Bandcamp.

Since “Juice Demon”, Lavish Waste have been focused mostly on gigging but they plan on entering the studio next month. “We’re taking a break after our next gig to work on new stuff,” Evans said. “There will definitely be more heavy breathing as an instrument.”

“I think I’m going to work more with 909’s and introduce a little circuit bending,” Look mentions about what’s to come.

Lavish Waste play X-Ray Arcade on November 2nd.

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