AUDIO: Social Caterpillar – “Alphabet Crown”

Social Caterpillar’s highly anticipated new album is here. The psych-chamber folk quartet present eight songs of densely layered and texturally lush movements rife with orchestral grandeur, featuring violin, cello and trumpet parts. Venturing into darker, heavier and noisier sonic experimentation, the group blossoms fresh and steadfast ideas sown by the unwavering sense of trust and intentionality between its members, fluttering with patient subtlety at times while erupting with conspicuous urgency at others. Not afraid to express their yearn for social revolution (“Guillotine for Hope”) while also contemplative of adulthood’s existentialism (“Smells Like Middle-Aged Apathy”), “Alphabet Crown” further cements Social Caterpillar’s stature as one of Milwaukee’s most inventively emotional bands, showcasing poetic potency that hits you like a thunderclap.

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