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AUDIO: Shontrail – “LOST IN LIMBO”

Shontrail has released his highly anticipated sophomore album. Written last year upon the artist graduating from college, this record carries profound themes of confusion and crisis – fitting for the title. Shontrail brings eight tracks that incorporate post-punk, indie rock and emo as he channels the frustration and insecurity of stagnancy, uncertainty and blocking out your problems, complete with an

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AUDIO: *Aya – “Time & Metaphors”

*Aya released a new EP earlier this month. With their brilliant fusion of R&B, neo-soul and pop, *Aya’s second project brings eight songs where they explore themes of leaning into who they really are through increasingly vulnerable songwriting. They touch on letting go of insecurities (“Freeee”), having self-respect in a relationship (“Idfwt”), uncertainty about the future (“Idk”) and finding safety

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AUDIO: Artinho x Matrace – “Carnage”


Artinho and Matrace have proven themselves to be a strong duo, showcasing their musical chemistry in their latest offering, ‘Carnage’. This track seamlessly melds elements of hip-hop and electronic music into a cohesive whole, creating an electrifying sound that’s simply impossible to resist. Right from the opening notes, ‘Carnage’ is one to write home about! It’s clear that Artinho and

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