AUDIO: Luke Mock – “What You Deserve”

The new song by emerging star Luke Mock, “What You Deserve,” is an exciting demonstration of his distinctive combination of pop sensibility and emotional depth. Mock takes cues from artists like Charlie Puth and Olivia Rodrigo and he creates an aural and lyrical adventure!

The song begins with an acoustic guitar rhythm, creating a reflective mood that soon gives way to an indie-pop chorus. The catchy chorus makes it immediately apparent that Mock is not holding back. His singing soars like that of a star, easily bearing the song’s inward focus.

The words capture an emotional story of lost friendships and subsequent regrets. In this investigation of the nuances of human emotion, the remark “I just don’t know what to say” serves as a springboard. Mock’s confession of romantic failure evokes in the listener a complex range of emotions, from empathy to introspection.

Also, subtle guitar riffs weave in and out of the track’s mix the whole time, enriching the piece with depth and complexity. These additions showcase Mock’s keen ear for detail and contribute to the overall cohesiveness and presence of the song.

You can listen here.

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