VIDEO: Tha Mid City Kid Featuring Bree Morgan – “See The Truth”

“See The Truth” is a thoughtful single and video collaboration by Tha Mid City Kid alongside singer Bree Morgan. The track blends Tha Mid City Kid’s flow with Bree Morgan’s captivating acoustic guitar, building up to her powerful hook. Beyond its infectious sound, “See The Truth” carries a profound and vital message of freedom, encouraging everyone to fearlessly express themselves while calling out the hypocrisy that exists within our country. Addressing critical issues like Roe v. Wade and racial inequality, the duo uses their platform to ignite change through their music. The video from 3rd Eye View has the two artists performing the track while adorned with pride flags and LGBTQ+ supporting apparel, symbolizing unity and inclusivity. “See The Truth” is a rallying cry for justice, and you can check out the video below:

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