AUDIO: Micah Emrich, Duwayne, Hagen Brothers – “Sexy”

“Sexy” is a scintillating new single by the dynamic collaboration of Micah Emrich, Duwayne, and the Hagen Brothers. The track boasts a smooth beat that effortlessly intertwines with slick lyrics, creating a captivating single. Emrich sets the tone with his opening verse, delving into the narrative of meeting a girl with whom he hasn’t had the smoothest communication. However, in the present moment, he’s ready to embrace the connection. Duwayne follows suit, rapping about how the scars from past experiences ultimately contribute to a deeper and more profound love. Each artist brings their own swagger to the track, resulting in a harmonious blend of sounds that perfectly complement the infectious groove. “Sexy” is a strong collaboration, and you can check it out here:

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