AUDIO: Yogie B – “The YB Tape”

Rapper Yogie B breaks new ground with his latest project, “The YB Tape,” showcasing his individuality outside of his renowned duo with rapper Keez. While “The Buzz” introduces listeners to YB’s familiar rap style, the project takes an intriguing turn from there. Venturing into uncharted sonic territory, Yogie B fearlessly explores new dimensions of his artistry. “The YB Tape” serves as a testament to his versatility and demonstrates that there is more to his creative repertoire than meets the eye. While this project doesn’t mark the end of Yogie B and Keez’s collaboration, it undoubtedly highlights YB’s ability to shine as a solo artist, solidifying his presence as an artist capable of pushing boundaries and expanding his musical horizons. Check out “The YB Tape” here:

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