Big Beat MKE 2023 Finals Recap

The eighth night of the 2023 Big Beat MKE beat battle brought an electrifying atmosphere to the Jackalope Lounj as the crowd eagerly awaited the championship and third place battles after two months of competition. With performances by Wave Chapelle and Twan Mack also on the lineup, it was a night packed with talent and excitement. Finally, the time had come to crown a new champion.

Kicking off the evening was the Third Place battle between Yoshii and Kaskit. The clash of styles was evident, with Kaskit delving into the electronic realm and incorporating elements of witch house and dubstep into his tracks. On the other hand, Yoshii impressed the crowd with his smooth beats and soulful samples. The battle went into overtime, showcasing the incredible skills of both producers. However, when the dust settled, it was Yoshii who emerged victorious, securing the third-place prize package.

The main event of the night featured Gucco, a rising star in his second year of battling, going head-to-head against the experienced veteran producer Domes1. The showdown between these two talented musicians would determine the 2023 Big Beat MKE champion, and fittingly so as both producers carved their way through the bracket up until this point. Domes1 pulled out all the stops, wowing the audience with his beats that incorporated wild and unexpected samples, including playful jabs at Gucco and even a cleverly flipped Folgers coffee commercial from the past. Gucco, however, knew exactly how to captivate the crowd, incorporating samples that defied his age and skillfully blending a variety of genres into his beats. One standout moment was when Gucco transformed Whitney Houston’s classic hit “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” into a hard-hitting, low-end style beat that ignited the audience.

The battle was intense and closely contested, ultimately resulting in an overtime showdown and an unprecedented fifth round that surpassed everyone’s expectations. While both producers brought a crew out to cheer them on, Gucco had an undeniable connection with the crowd. In the end, it was Gucco who emerged victorious as the 2023 Big Beat MKE Champion, etching his name in the competition’s history as the fourth champion in tournament history.

In addition to the thrilling battles, the night featured two great performances. Twan Mack, the host emcee of the event, took the stage and exuded his trademark charisma. Fresh off his European tour with Arrested Development, Twan delivered an unforgettable set, culminating in his descent into the crowd during the performance of “Marvelous,” as is customary for him.

Wave Chapelle took the stage as the headliner of the night. With DJ Brotha Z by his side, Wave brought a high-energy performance to cap off the evening. With a set of shows coming up, Chapelle proved why he has been one of the standouts of the Milwaukee hip hop scene for some time.

The Finals of the 2023 Big Beat MKE beat battle will go down in history as an unforgettable night of talent. Thank you so much to all of our producers, performers, judges, hosts, DJs, sponsors, and most importantly, the fans. This couldn’t happen without all of you, and we can’t wait to get Big Beat MKE 2024 underway next year.

We’re not done though! There is one more beat battle on the way, next week Thursday night at 8 PM at Summerfest on the WAMI Stage. The exhibition will feature Gucco vs. James Ashen, Yoshii vs. Spacecrime, and SDProduces vs. Mystik Musik. Don’t miss it!

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