Big Beat MKE 2023 Night Seven Recap

Milwaukee’s Third Ward was once again buzzing with anticipation as the Jackalope Lounj hosted the seventh night of the Big Beat MKE beat battle. The crowd poured in, eager to witness the fierce competition that awaited them. With only two battles left before the finals, the stakes were higher than ever.

The first battle of the night showcased a clash of styles as Domes1 went head-to-head with Kaskit. Both producers brought glitchy, electronic-infused beats to the table, but with a slight divergence in their approach. Kaskit leaned towards the EDM direction, while Domes1 incorporated more hip-hop influences into his beats. The beats from both were top-notch, and the judges couldn’t decide on a clear winner, resulting in an overtime round. In the end, Domes1 managed to seal the victory and secure his spot in the finals.

The second battle featured the rising young star Gucco going up against the highly impressive Yoshii. This matchup had been highly anticipated, as both producers had won over the audience throughout the tournament. Both skillfully incorporated soulful samples into their heavy-hitting beats, creating a mesmerizing fusion of sounds. While Yoshii put up a strong fight, it was Gucco’s beats that had a more immediate impact on the judges and the crowd. With a bit of flare from on stage and with phones lit up in the crowd, Gucco emerged victorious and secured his place in the finals alongside Domes1.

In addition to the semifinal battles, the audience was treated to two memorable performances. Puerto Wiccan took the stage and delivered her rhymes with an undeniable swagger and finesse, doing exactly what she does best. Following the second battle, Gego Y Nony brought a reggaeton feel to the Jackalope Lounj, putting a new twist on the sound of the competition.

The semifinals night of the Big Beat MKE beat battle showcased the exceptional talent and versatility of the participating producers. Domes1 and Gucco emerged triumphant, earning their places in the highly anticipated final battle to take place next week. Yoshii and Kaskit will be back as well, competing in a third place battle, and we’ll have performances from Wave Chapelle and our host, Twan Mack. The competition promises to be fierce as the remaining contenders battle it out for the ultimate title of Big Beat MKE champion. Don’t miss the finals next week!

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