AUDIO: Faded Francis Featuring OC.G and Toll – “Stay With Me”

“Stay With Me,” the latest single from rappers Faded Francis featuring OC.G and Toll, creates an irresistible blend of style and laid-back vibes. Set against a backdrop of a stylish, lo-fi beat, all three artists effortlessly glide over the track, weaving their lyrical prowess into a seamless flow. The song feels like a cypher, inviting listeners to kick back and soak in the atmosphere. With an undeniably catchy hook that lingers in your mind, “Stay With Me” boasts harmonies that are on point, with an almost meditative experience radiating from the sound. Faded Francis, OC.G, and Toll crafted a track that effortlessly transports you to a tranquil state of mind, making it impossible to resist hitting replay. Check it out:

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