Big Beat MKE 2023 Night Six Recap

The Historic Third Ward was alive and pulsating with energy on the second night of the Big Beat MKE beat battle quarterfinals. The night was filled with intense competition, inventive beats, and dynamic performances. A packed house filed in to the sounds of Topher at the turntables and Rizenhower holding down hosting duties, while Super Ego Beats, Gucco, James Ashen, and Yoshii took to the stage for two crucial beat battles to see who would move on to the semifinals.

Opening the night was an anticipated face-off between Super Ego Beats and one of the tournament’s rising stars, Gucco. Super Ego Beats opted for an MPC for his performance. While his beats reverberated with creativity and skill, Gucco brought a captivating energy to his beats, turning up the crowd. Gucco ultimately propelled himself to victory and into the tournament’s semifinals.

The second battle was equally close, featuring James Ashen squaring off against Yoshii. James Ashen had the audience intrigued with his genre-blending beats, effortlessly switching the energy from hip-hop to electronic production at times. However, Yoshii’s performance was just as compelling. With smooth samples that transitioned seamlessly into a knocking bass, Yoshi mesmerized the audience. The closely fought competition ended in Yoshii’s favor, securing him a spot in the semifinals.

Apart from the intense beat battles, the night also featured a duo of performances by C’zo and Phif from Camp Shuttlesworth. C’zo took to the stage first, aided by cameos from Mo’City and PaperStacks, firing up the crowd. The night was closed out by Phif, who had the crowd swaying, capping off an unforgettable quarterfinal round to what has been a crazy tournament so far.

Our final four is set, with the semifinals taking place next week at the Jackalope Lounj at the Wicked Hop. Kaskit and Dome1 will do battle next week Thursday, as well as this week’s winners, Gucco and Yoshii. The night will also feature performances from Gego y Nony and Puerto Wiccan! Don’t miss out on the last two weeks of Big Beat MKE 2023. Here’s how the bracket stands:

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