AUDIO: Tae23 – “Gen 4”

Tae23’s latest EP, “Gen 4,” strikes a raw, gritty note, delivering a potent blend of heavy bass beats and a trap-etched mentality that pushes its brash dynamism. Across five tracks, the rapper skillfully articulates his resilience and tenacity, using his unique lyrical flair to convey a relentless commitment to his grind. Despite a backdrop marked by personal struggles, including surviving a shooting, Tae23 manages to hold the spotlight, revealing his perseverance through hard-edged lines. Collaborators 2Hi, $hiro, and Ed Wingaard add their unique flavors to the mix, but it’s clear that Tae23 is at the heart of this project, embodying its driving force. “Gen 4” hints at at a bright future for this artist on the rise. Check it out here:

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