Big Beat MKE 2023 Night Five Recap

On a night pulsating with energy and music, the quarterfinals of the Big Beat MKE beat battle tournament kicked off at the Jackalope Lounj in the Historic Third Ward. A sizable crowd flooded the room and balcony, all ready for a show. The room was electric, and the stage set for an unforgettable showdown.

The first battle of the night featured a showdown between two first-year Big Beat MKE competitors: Kaskit and DuffThePro. The blend of contrasting sound palette and set the tone for the rest of the night. Kaskit, with his vibrant style, incorporated wild electronic sounds into his mix, giving the beats a different type of knock with some clean synths.  In response, DuffThePro had some melodic sequences that added a rich layer to his beats, as well as some knock in the speakers when called for. It was evenly matched, and an overtime round was necessary to break the tie. Ultimately, Kaskit emerged victorious and moved on to the next round, but both competitors shined.

The second confrontation promised a titanic clash between Orion and Domes1. A battle for boom bap greatness, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Orion had some classic elements to his rounds, but it was Domes1 who stole the show with his unique style. Weaving funky glitches into his beats, providing enough knock to shake the room and bringing some unique funk all worked in his favor in what was possibly the hardest battle of the tournament so far. The overtime round heightened the excitement and was a real treat for the fans. After a fierce battle, Domes1 emerged triumphant, securing his place in the next round of the tournament.

Adding to the electrifying atmosphere, the Run Along Forever crew, a rising force in Milwaukee’s hip hop scene, performed live, with sets from Superstar Sel and Kill.Dawn. Superstar Sel got the crowd moving, opening up the stage with the full force of his team behind him. In an exciting twist, Kill.Dawn moved the performance upstairs to the balcony to rock with his team. Surrounded by his crew and overlooking the audience, he brought out some new music and got his squad moving.

The first night of the Big Beat MKE quarterfinals was nothing short of a spectacle. With fierce battles and stunning performances, the event has only gotten better with each passing night. It’s clear the tournament is just heating up, and we can’t wait to see what the next round will bring. Join us next week Thursday night, when Super Ego Beats faces off against Gucco, and Yoshii goes toe-to-toe with James Ashen. Camp Shuttlesworth will also be in the building, with performances from Phif & C’zo.

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