AUDIO: H.Kain Featuring TheRealQD – “Fallin’ 4 U”

Rapper H.Kain and singer TheRealQD have collaborated on an electrifying new single titled “Fallin’ 4 U.” Fresh off their impressive performance at the Big Beat MKE battle, the two artists showcase their undeniable chemistry on this track. The smooth beat sets the scene as H.Kain and TheRealQD navigate both sides of a captivating relationship. While H.Kain demonstrates his versatility as an artist, it is TheRealQD who shines as the love interest, bringing smooth harmonies in with her bars. With “Fallin’ 4 U,” H.Kain solidifies his position as a multifaceted artist, and this collaboration showcases a lot of potential all around. Check out the track below:

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