AUDIO: Richie Buz – “Enigma”

Richie Buz’s new EP, “Enigma,” showcases the rapper’s unapologetic confidence. The EP kicks off with the assertive opener, “New King,” where Buz wastes no time in proclaiming his position as one of the city’s finest. Backed by soulful beats, Buz effortlessly weaves his words and delivers a powerful flow on the microphone. Tracks like “SOMD” delve into the raw reality of growing up in a challenging environment, shedding light on Buz’s resilience and how he channels his upbringing to drive his hustle. The EP’s final track, “Knowledge,” features a collaboration with Elliott, resulting in both rappers exchange worldly bars. “Enigma” solidifies Richie Buz as an artist with a commanding presence and a drive to succeed, and you can hear that for yourself with the project below:

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