Big Beat MKE 2023 Night Three Recap

Milwaukee’s music scene was set ablaze on a crisp Thursday night as the opening round of the Big Beat MKE beat battle tournament continued with its third installment. The event featured two intense beat battles, accompanied by electrifying performances. Hosted by the charismatic Twan Mack, the crowd flowed into the Jackalope Lounj for a lively atmosphere. Adding to the ambiance was Topher, who kept the crowd moving before the battles even began.

The opening battle of the night showcased the incredible talent of Super Ego Beats and No B. To switch things up, Super Ego Beats chose to perform his beats using an MPC onstage. The decision paid off as he captivated the audience with his live pad work. No B matched him blow for blow, delivering an impressive set of meticulously crafted beats. The intense battle pushed both producers to their limits, resulting in a thrilling overtime showdown. In the end, Super Ego Beats emerged as the victor, securing his spot in the next round.

The second battle of the night featured Gucco and Hot Science, pitting a rising star against an experienced veteran. Hot Science also utilized a drum machine to create glitchy, techno-infused beats, showcasing his unique style and experimental approach. Gucco, on the other hand, brought a diverse range of genres to his tracks, incorporating heavy bass lines and even surprising the crowd with the occasional guitar solo in his tracks. The battle was a clash of contrasting sounds, and the judges found it difficult to choose a winner. Twan Mack called for an overtime round, because we needed to settle this thing. Ultimately, Gucco’s versatility and a Milwaukee-type beat propelled him to victory, securing his place in the next round of the tournament.

The beat battles were not the only highlights of the evening, as we had a pair of great performances in between battles. H.Kain took the stage first, blending his impassioned raps with the occasional industry beat thrown in the mix, and a cameo appearance from TheRealQd as well. Thoughtful bars and undeniable stage presence left a lasting impression.

To close out the night, Phat Nerd Records were led by NilexNile to invade the Jackalope Lounj. Their performance served as a platform to showcase the label’s talent, with a wild energy that took Space Cowboy, 39tharchitect, Verge and Myndd all over the room. The label is a movement at work, and you can see that when they take over the stage together.

We’re three nights in, and the final night of the opening round is set to take place next week Thursday night at the Jackalope Lounj inside The Wicked Hop in the Historic Third Ward. Big Beat MKE has already proven to be a rollercoaster of talent, surprises, and electrifying performances. Next week will feature docx going up against Shamgod$upreme, and Nathan Weller taking on Yoshii, plus performances from Quies Terry and Keyba of Spider Creek. Check out the updated bracket below:

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