VIDEO: Mar Bando – “Came From Nothing”

Mar Bando recently dropped the music video for his latest single, “Came From Nothing,” and it’s a powerful and emotional track that showcases his skills as a rapper and storyteller. The song is about overcoming the struggles of living in a rough neighborhood and grinding to elevate oneself. The beat is dark and heavy, blending the sound that drives Milwaukee’s underground rap scene with a more conscious flow to talk about his triumphs. Bando’s lyrics are raw and authentic, painting a vivid picture of the challenges he faced and the sacrifices he made to achieve success. The performance clip, directed by RayShotIt, puts Bando in the attic of an old house, an ode to where he struggled and ultimately persevered. The video adds another layer of depth to the track. “Came From Nothing” is a testament to Mar Bando’s resilience and determination, and you can check out the clip below:

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