AUDIO: Mariboy Mula Mar – “No Auto Mar 2”

One of the biggest criticisms of Milwaukee’s underground hip hop scene is the heavy presence of autotune on flows like Mariboy Mula Mar’s. That being said, he shines on “No Auto Mar 2,” a follow up to a 2020 EP where he leaves the vocal effects off. There’s six tracks on this project, and Mula Mar trades in the processed vocals for punchlines and clever wordplay. Features from MarijuanaXO, Mike Gee Tho, and Kezzo 2ks vary up the styles, but Mula Mar can hold the spotlight on his own when he decides to rap with a pure delivery. Mariboy Mula Mar has amassed a following with his melodic side, but his autotune-free raps should convert some new followers as well. Check out the EP below:

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