AUDIO: CYJ – “Faded / No More Maybes”

CYJ is back with new music, and he packs two compositions into one with “Faded / No More Memories.” The track is heavily contemplative, with the rapper getting high to escape the pain on the “Faded” portion of the track. He talks about dealing with stress, and the realization that he can’t be who he truly wants to be growing up in Green Bay. There’s an earnest approach to the raps on this one, with the catharsis of getting your feelings out over a beat. “No More Memories” is a spoken piece at the end of the track, and reaffirms that it’s in CYJ’s best interest to move to greener pastures and take a risk on himself. It all sounds like a time of change for CYJ, and you can hear that on the split track below:

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