VIDEO: SME TaxFree, Mula Mar, Dai Ballin, Marijuana XO – “Flodgin”

It’s not often that a posse cut comes in under three minutes, but SME TaxFree, Mula Mar, Dai Ballin and Marijuana XO do just that on a new collab, “Flodgin.” With a low profile beat and some pitched up vocals, the track is full of flexes, with each rapper only taking a few bars apiece. It all feels very organic in the sense that there’s really no effort for one artist to outperform the others. The video from DH has that same motif, with all of the artists getting together for some dice, some smoke, some food, and just a laid back time in general. “Flodgin” is very much a time capsule of 2023 in Milwaukee’s underground rap scene, and you can check out the video here below.

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