AUDIO: Grant4ore – “V”

There are few things in the world that feel as satisfying as a well-organized lo-fi beat tape. Producer Grant4ore has that with his newest release, “V,” which features 20 tracks can put you in the right headspace to get some work done, or just chill out, depending on your preference. Smacking percussion has a bit of a trap flare to it, but some hazy, buzzing synths put the lo-fi sonic feel to work, and all of that gets augmented by synthetic woodwinds, strings, and plucks along the way. From start to finish, “V” is the kind of release that you need in your life, if only for an hour or so. Space out accordingly with “V” below:

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  • i’m one of contribitors of samples for grant to flip which he does elegantly and creatively af. i just wanted to say idk if i’d categorize this album as lofi. yes there is lofi on it. but there’s such a rich variety of styles and subgenres on this beat tape that i think needs appreciating grant for. dude really know how to flip a sample and fit a beat and make it his own.

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