AUDIO: Baby Goat Featuring Big Goldie – “Zoboomafoo”

Sometimes, a track title in hip hop can draw you in, as you wonder how the artist is going to incorporate the word into a verse. Flipping a sample of The Heavy’s “How You Like Me Now?,” Baby Goat and Big Goldie go to work on “Zoboomafoo,” a quick track about making money and getting girls. The title gets worked in with a jungle-themed rib midway through the song, in a series of wild bars that keep things going. The flows from Baby Goat and Big Goldie seem effortless, almost like freestyles slapped together to make the song, but it works well. With wild verses and a blatant disregard for just about anyone that gets in their way, “Zoboomafoo” is a microcosm of the world of Big Goat’s raps. Check out the track below:

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