AUDIO: Zingara & Steller – “Find It In Your Mind”

Zingara and Steller are two up-and-coming bass queens who have teamed up for a new track that is sure to be a hit with bassheads. Zingara, known for her hits like “Space Candy” and “Mind & Body,” has quickly become a rising star in the music scene. Steller, known for her signature styles, vibrant visuals, and heavy wubs, is an innovator in the scene who creates a mind-blowing audio-visual experience.

The inspiration behind their new track, according to Zingara, is the power of the mind and how our thoughts and experiences shape our reality. Steller added that the track is about looking within to find what you need, instead of running from it. Together, these two creatives are poised to take the scene by storm. Check out the track here:

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