AUDIO: Holden Miller – “The Thought (Tomato Version)”

Holden Miller has released a new version of his popular single “The Thought” called “The Thought (Tomato Version)”. This new rendition was released as Holden approaches the 1 million monthly listener mark on Spotify. The tomato version of “The Thought” is a retrospective song that reflects on new beginnings, distance, and growth in an old relationship, and how small things like trying new foods can feel like personal development.

This song revisits the idea of being with someone and focuses on the little interactions in a relationship, such as watching a movie or going for a walk together, rather than romanticizing the relationship.

Holden said of the new version, “The original version of this song was a hit on Spotify and TikTok, but it didn’t have the production it deserved. The tomato version adds a fresh layer of instrumentation and a stripped sound that I’m a lot more excited for fans to hear.”

Check out the single below:

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