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REVIEW: Jane’s Addiction and The Smashing Pumpkins at Fiserv Forum

Fiserv Forum hosted Jane’s Addiction and The Smashing Pumpkins as part of their Spirits on Fire Tour on Sunday night. Jane’s Addiction consists of vocalist Perry Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro (although Troy Van Leeuwen from Queens of the Stone Age filled in on guitar for this tour), bassist Eric Avery and drummer Stephen Perkins. Formed in 1985, the Los Angeles-based

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Mid Coast Volume 18; ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Izzy Veta, Shadi, Jon Henry

Midcoast Collective hosted their 18th edition this past Thursday at Cactus Club with an eclectic bill featuring 5PM to Nowhere, Izzy Veta, Shadi and Jon Henry. This month they supported Students for Democratic Society, an organization striving for progressive change on college campuses. Izzy Veta is a singer-songwriter and member of Midcoast. Her set Thursday consisted of four original songs

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VIDEO: T!ny – “You Want To Be Me”

T!ny dropped another single along with their first music video this past week. Favoring a trap beat and atmospheric vocals, they’re throwing fake love to the side and ready to get spooky with someone who clearly fancies them. T!ny’s cat makes some cameos here while the background features anime clips and spacey screen savers. T!ny has been having a blast

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AUDIO: Fellow Kinsman – “Where Were You”

Indie rockers Fellow Kinsman released a new album this week. It’s eight tracks that bridge the realms of psychedelia and surf with catchy hooks and relatable subject matter. These songs incorporate themes of comparing yourself to others, late night anxieties, losing your sense of self, and being stuck with shitty conditions. There’s even a punkish moment with the penultimate track

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AUDIO: Long Mama – “Poor Pretender”

At long last, Long Mama are out with their debut LP today. It’s ten songs that find singer-songwriter Kat Wodtke pouring her heart out to sweet melodies of Americana-tinged rock, country and folk. Incorporating themes of love, heartbreak, tough skin and running off to find yourself again, Long Mama detail the poignant affairs of companionship in life with “Poor Pretender.”

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AUDIO: Dinner Set Gang – “Are You Someplace Else?

Dinner Set Gang are out with their debut LP today. The surreal, colorful psych pop that Josh Evert and Derek De Vinney have conjured with this project over the last two years is fully realized through a multilayered doomscape of existential dread, seeking pleasure in the little things, being a cog in the machine, loneliness, and dancing through the despair.

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