AUDIO: Mayyh3m – “Broke Til’ Tomorrow”

Mayyh3m is back to business, with a new project, “Broke Til’ Tomorrow.” With 14 tracks in total, he’s not afraid to share the dark parts of his soul with the world, tapping into his emotions for tracks like lead single “Bad News.” Whether it’s the money problems that are alluded to by the album title, or dealing with depression and the constant struggle to make it to the next level as an artist, Mayyh3m touches on it all with his unique flare. While you might expect it to be a downer, the album is presented in a way that makes you want to root for the rapper, and it ends up being more motivational than anything else. Regardless of subject matter, though, Mayyh3m always has his music to come back to, and you can hear the genuine admiration for the craft on the verses he spits. Things are looking up for Mayyh3m, and that’s proven by the work that went into this record. Check out “Broke Til’ Tomorrow” here:

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