AUDIO: Spectral Display – “Runnin’ For Your Love”

With their most recent arrival, ‘Runnin’ For Your Love’, Spectral Display create a sound that combines aspects of the underground with textures from the contemporary realms. The band from Amsterdam display their unique edge, and as a result, they leave us begging for more!

When it comes out of the speakers, the song ‘Runnin’ For Your Love’, an electronic pop hit, exudes potent energy that instantly lifts the mood of the entire space. The music is thrilling, and the vocals by Paul Simon create excitement that we can feel in our hands.

After initially attaining acclaim in the 1980s and 1990s, producer and group member Michel Mulders continues to shine on each new release, with this one demonstrating that he is becoming better and better as he moves forward. Additionally, the band’s ability to draw into their older style while staying up to date and in step with the times keeps them at the forefront of this musical subgenre.

Although it is also true that they have been fortunate because this genre of music is currently all the rage again, on the other hand, some people would say that maybe it never went away given that bands like Spectral Display were keeping the flame alive while the rest of the industry caught up. Despite this, it is also true that they have been successful because of their ability to adapt to changing musical trends.

You can take listen to this new single here.

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