VIDEO: GP El Magico Featuring El Milwas, Mextizoz, Lil Maya, Frost Loco & J Reez – “Midwest Mexican”

GP El Magico has a new video out, and he taps in with a plethora of talent from the South Side for “Midwest Mexican.” The video from EsGee Films takes you to GP’s side of town, with nothing but authenticity as each artist speaks their piece about living in the city and America in general. While the lyrics are largely in Spanish, you can pick up the pride and enthusiasm that comes together on the song, no matter what language its in. The performance clip takes us from the studio to the driveway, with various stops along the way, making sure all of the elements of living on the South Side are represented here. GP El Magico is always grinding, putting out new music and videos, but this one holds some extra weight given the subject matter. Check out the video for “Midwest Mexican” below:

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