Mid Coast Vol. 17; ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Jorge Vallentine, EVOL EVERYBODY

Mid Coast hosted their seventeenth edition at The Cooperage on Thursday and featured artists Jorge Vallentine, Hanna Simone, and EVOL EVERYBODY along with DJ Biigiron. They supported Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression (MAARPR), an organization that works with families of victims of police crimes to put an end to police misconduct, prison profiteering, political racism and economic injustice through organizing around the passage of legislation known as the Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC).

Jorge Vallentine is a singer-songwriter who got his break into the Milwaukee music scene through going to Linneman’s open mics in 2019. Some of his biggest influences are Death Cab For Cutie and Bright Eyes. He started with writing poetry, which naturally evolved into songwriting. “It came from not having a way to say the things that I needed to get out so that I could feel alright in the moment,” he said. “Last year I took a very intentional turn into not hiding being too metaphorical with my storytelling and instead just saying what I’m going through so that people could connect more. I started putting more time into gigging and it’s been really fun meeting people.”

He describes his lyrics as autobiographical. “I really don’t make up almost any of it. A lot of it’s very literal and that’s why I think a lot of emotion comes out – it’s stuff I’ve gone through.”

On what he’s working on now, Vallentine shared, “In the last year I’ve gone through a soul search where I’ve really wanted to get my stuff recorded but I’ve also been really thinking about why I’m doing the things I’m doing in general. I want to start with a live recording of some songs, which I think would be a lot of the ones I played tonight. I don’t really care too much about where it takes me at the moment; I think the more I don’t care, the better. I’ve been moving from doing things out of fear to doing things out of love, and that’s a huge thing that I want to spread.”

Jorge Vallentine plays in Lake Mills on September 7th and then plays a split show with John Justus of Hallowtribe at the Coffee Shop at UWM on September 17th.

EVOL EVERYBODY is a hip hop artist originally from Texas but now based in Milwaukee. His eclectic, varied production he does all himself. He cites Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar as his two biggest influences. “I’ve always had an ear for music, and for sound in general,” EVOL said. “I started shaping how I wanted to hear my music so that I could start connecting with people that way.”

His debut album dropped last New Year’s Eve and he’s kept singles coming ever since – a couple of which being “The Theatre on Psychedelics” and “Ripple In The Water.” EVOL shared about them, “I made “Theatre on Psychedelics” when I was first starting to record, and it’s funny because I used to put so many effects on my voice because I really didn’t like how I sounded at first. But when I listen back to it now, it sounds so trippy; there *is* a mastered version where I didn’t use any effects. “Ripple In The Water” I did twice; the first one was much spookier sounding, but with performances coming up I wanted something that sounded bouncier. Even with the more technical flow I came with on that track, the instrumental itself had a really feel-good vibe. Tonight was the first time I performed it.”

His latest single is “Once In A While” featuring Soulwinna1, which dropped in May. “We made that with a spiritual intent. I was talking to a buddy of mine – he’s very spiritual – and I thought we could connect his audience with my audience with that same purpose of higher power.”

On what he’s working on now, EVOL EVERYBODY said, “I have an untitled project that’s about seventy percent done. It’s going to sound like more of what I want to get into and it won’t be anything like the debut album, which was basically just me saying that this is how I can sound on any type of track. This new album’s more of a personal project to myself.”

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