AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku – “Do You Want Bars?”

Taiyamo Denku has no shortage of lyrics, and he’s making music for the hip hop heads only at this point in his career. That being said, he’s sharper than ever on “Do You Want Bars?,” his latest project that dropped in mid-July. Taking grimy beats and putting sadistic flows to them, the project lives up to its name, with wordplay aplenty. Denku is visceral as it is on the microphone, but there’s naturally some collaborations, another calling card of his albums. The album features appearances from Nature, Moka Only, Timbo King, Dizzy Dizasta, and many more. There’s 15 tracks here, and enough music that you have to give this project multiple spins to comprehend everything happening here. Get started on that by streaming the album below:

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