AUDIO: TRA – “Love Letters”

Relationships can be complex, and rapper TRA looks to speak on it from just about every angle with his most recent album, “Love Letters.” The front half of the record features slower, yet meditative sounding beats, while he talks about the tribulations of a relationship and wanting to be with someone in particular. Much like the grieving period after a relationship ends, things get looser as time goes on, before one person is over it entirely. On “Love Letters,” that’s represented sonically, with the chilled out beats giving way to more uptempo beats, and tracks like “3 Years and Running,” which kicks the love talk to the side and instead opts to be a track about TRA staying on his grind. Like any artist looking to seriously make an impact, there’s an effort here to show the full scope of TRA’s game. Fortunately, he’s solid no matter the tempo or subject matter, and he lets you know that on these songs. Check out “Love Letters” below:

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