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AUDIO: Dead Horses – “Brady Street”

Indie folk fixture Dead Horses have returned with a new album. Three years in the making, it’s ten tracks of warm, hopeful Midwestern charm that reflect the well-traveled evolution of Sarah Vos and Dan Wolff’s musical journey. Inspired by the titular Milwaukee strip, these songs intimately recognize the influence that places you’ve either grown up in or lived in leave

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AUDIO: Maybe Hazel – “Neon Pink”

Indie pop act Maybe Hazel return with a two-piece – their first release since 2020 EP “Direct to Home Video.” The band continue innovating their sound with jangly melodies embellished with instruments like tambourine and xylophone. Their infectious, beach-soaked hooks continue to prosper, powered by a fresh and open-minded pop spirit that staples Maybe Hazel to Milwaukee’s wave of new

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AUDIO: Brat Sounds – “Every Worry Like A Pet”

Alternative rockers Brat Sounds have a single out with two B-sides from their forthcoming album. Letting things get to your head, leaving a lover hanging, and getting mixed up with quick satisfaction are all things on the agenda here. The band’s distinct garage-tinged sound takes fun directions while tackling some relatable pickles. Stay tuned for more from Brat Sounds soon!

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AUDIO: Faux Fiction – “Death No Terror!”

Punk/power pop rockers Faux Fiction return with their first record in four years. It’s six tracks of angsty rock ‘n roll that touch on things like the passage of time and subsequent stagnancy. Even as one gets older some things feel like they don’t change, which songs “Almost Happy” and “My Unfortunate Friend” tackle; “The Lucky Ones” is about hitting

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VIDEO: Docx – “The Creature (Floor of the Earth)”

Experimental artist and producer Docx dropped their marvelous album “It” last week, and with it came a music video for the song “The Creature” featuring Floor of the Earth. It’s a surreal visual depicting the artists in a room while trippy effects occur in the background. Be warned that this video has rapidly flashing lights, specifically in the last minute

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