VIDEO: Mr. Nice Guy with Mahdi Gransberry (FreakishNerd)

Our Music Director, Ben Slowey, is more than on top of the local music scene. In addition to his work for Breaking And Entering, he also hosts the Mr. Nice Guy podcast, an interview-based show that reaches out to Milwaukeeans for conversations about what motivates them. Many of these shows fittingly involve the local music scene, and we’ll be sharing some of them here as well.

Today, Ben talks to photographer, filmmaker, and DJ Mahdi Gransberry, who goes by the name FreakishNerd. He’s got a house music party coming up with DJ Bizzon and DJ Gemini Gilly at Company Brewing on August 13th. They discussed fans that have the breeze mode function, his first artistic photo being of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, becoming FreakishNerd, shooting Summerfest, and getting disqualified from DJing at Rookie Night.

You can check out more episodes of Mr. Nice Guy on YouTube, and check out this interview below:

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