AUDIO: Ytmg Dubb – “Twenty Tides, Vol. 2”

Ytmg Dubb is back with the follow up to 2021’s “Twenty Tides” EP, and he has his largest body of work to date with the second installment. This time around, much of the material is about a relationship that isn’t on the strongest of terms. In fact, it feels like Dubb is rapping to one person of interest in particular, detailing everything that’s going wrong between him and a significant other. The trap beats hit while he’s talking about wanting to rekindle things, making for an interesting duality. The production makes you want to move, but there are some sadboi moments that land in the lyrics. It’s overall an impressive group of seven tracks that stay on brand, so if you’re going through it, put on “Twenty Tides, Vol. 2” below and commiserate with Ytmg Dubb.

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