AUDIO: Plytme – “Draw”

Stress can take a lot out of you. Plytme tells you all about it on “Draw,” his most recent single. On the track, he raps “Y’all hear songs, but this is my life broke into pieces” in a bar that truly hits home, with other lyrics touching on friends living far away and not knowing what to do to get ahead. There’s feelings of loneliness and desperation, with no discernable plan of action to break free, all captured in this song. The delivery from Plytme doesn’t feel like a request for sympathy, however, but rather an honest telling of how it is for him. The song is very relatable, and you feel for him as he tells you about everything going on. “Draw” is the second single from Plytme this month, each of which his first releases since February. We’ll hopefully get more soon, but you can check this one out below:

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